WordPress Plugin Integration Guide

humanID’s WordPress Plugin Integration Guide
humanID’s WordPress Plugin
humanID’s WordPress Plugin allows users to permanently block users and bots from commenting on their WordPress-based website. Additionally, it will prevent viewers from having to struggle with CAPTCHAs.



  • humanID Server Credentials. Server Credentials consist of
    • Server Client ID
    • Server Client Secret.
  • A website utilizing WordPress. Must be site admin or site creator.

Create your humanID Developer Account

Plugin Setup in WordPress

  • In the WordPress dashboard, find “plugins” and click “add new”.
  • Search for “humanID”. Install and activate the plugin.
  • In WordPress, go to “humanID Setup”

  • In the “Update Permalinks” panel, click “Go to permalinks”.
  • Set your “Common Settings” to anything other than type “Plain”. Do NOT set your common setting to be “Plain” and save changes.
  • Back on the “humanID Setup” page, click “Yes, I have updated the permalinks”. This panel should appear.

Developer Console Setup

  • Below the “humanID Redirect Urls” panel, right-click on “here” and click “Open link in new tab”. Click on the new tab to go to the “humanID Developers” page.
  • Log into your humanID Developers account. If you don’t have one, create one and log in.
  • In the “humanID Developers” dashboard, click “Register New Project”
  • Click “Create New Credentials”. Name your credentials, and set the type and environment. You will receive server credentials on the dashboard.
  • Copy your Client ID and on the “humanID Setup” page paste it into the textbox labeled “Client ID”.
  • Copy your Client secret and on the “humanID Setup” page paste it into the textbox labeled “Client Secret ”. Save changes.

Success/Failure Links

  • In the “humanID Setup” page, find the redirect URLs you received after you updated your permalinks.
  • Open the “humanID Developers” dashboard. Scroll down until you see the panel labeled “Redirect URLs”.
  • Click the arrow on the right of “Edit Redirect URLs” to expand. Find “Successful URL” and “Failed URL”.
  • Copy your success link from “humanID Setup” and paste it into their respective textbox on the “humanID developers” page.
  • Repeat the step above with the failed link.
  • Click “Update Project Redirect URLs”.