Web SDK Integration Guide



  • humanID Server Credentials, Server Credentials consist of:

    • Server Client ID

    • Server Client Secret

  • App Back-end, to receive authentication Callback from humanID

Note: Feature to obtain Server Credentials and to configure Callback URL is not yet available at humanID Developer Console. Please contact developers@human-id.org and ask for Web Login Integration Set-up

The authentication process can be illustrated in the following diagram:


1. Create a Log-in Page

Create a Log-in page that contains this button.

Get the Log in button image and put this script below into your Web App:

    <img src="anonymous-login.svg" alt="Anonymous Login with humanID" height="27"/>

2. Create a Log-in API

When user clicks the log-in with button, the Web App will make a request to the App Backend and then the page will be redirected to web-login.human-id.org.

To obtain Log-in URL, App Back-end will call API Request Web Log-in Session (See Documentation below). The API call must be done between Host-to-Host in order to protect Server Credentials.

Once App Backend received a response that contains Log-in URL, redirect the page to the given URL to open humanID Web Log-in Page

3. Create a Log-in Callback API

After the user successfully Log-in with humanID, the page will be redirected to a registered Log-in Callback URL (registered on Developer Console). Callback URL contains Exchange Token, which is a URL Encoded token that will be used to obtain User ID.

A Log-in callback URL is formatted:


For Example:


URL Decode Exchange Token and use it as a parameter to call API Exchange Token (See Details) to obtain User ID.

Once App Backend receives response from API call, use given User ID to authorize User so User could access the Web App contents.

Handle Error Response

If log-in failed, humanID will redirect to configured Log-in Callback URL that is formatted:


To check whether log-in failed or not, simply check if parameter et appended in callback URL

API Documentation

API Request Web Log-in Session

Endpoint URL

POST https://core.human-id.org/v0.0.3/server/users/web-login


  • Headers:

  • Query Parameters:

  • Response Example

    • Success:

"success": true ,
"code": "OK",
"message": "Success",
"data": {
    "webLoginUrl": "https://web-login.human-id.org/login?t=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJwdXJwb3NlIjoid2ViLWxvZ2luL3JlcXVlc3QtbG9naW4tb3RwIiwic2lnbmF0dXJlIjoiODNiMDMxNjMwMTkzMjE5ZjMzNWM2MGI0OGU2MGQ5MzVlZWQ5ZDkzNDNlYjRiZmFjYzRlOTFmMTUxOTVhMDVlNyIsImlhdCI6MTU5OTI3MTczNSwiZXhwIjoxNTk5MjcyMDM1LCJzdWIiOiJTRVJWRVJfR1hJVFM3TlZZM0RETVozNVdVSDdDWCIsImp0aSI6InR1SWdOdU1LMjBseGI3a2pGeG9DUFNMeUx2UE8yNkJuWmtmMHc1WjZvTG9PcTlhZkRMblJGSHh0VHVGZllRSGoifQ.CVUA8DYOAk0nbu0_ftTFNMwtfCJ32hCqY_6MKP43Sg8&a=IO5T8PZH2O15N8SV&lang=en"
  • Error: Invalid Server Credentials

{ "success": false, "code": "401", "message": "Unauthorized" }

API Exchange Token

  • Endpoint URL

POST https://core.human-id.org/v0.0.3/server/users/exchange
  • Request

    • Headers:

  • Body:

"exchangeToken": "0BYLCicta3dO5DrTkrfQxo7Z4hxmyAh5OwuVPEGS5SlnBGwY+A/t7BNKzGcZFGqGOnI97nGQJ6SGoMf8vyux+D3AYmk63CR9AUnO7f+zlTL4MX9t2OhBdMZoLNP21ucvnTjiR5EIO7qwnFRVN4VquMCUMV8Kmt7N1s6V3yXHmDM="
  • Response Example

    • Success:

    "success": true,
    "code": "OK",
    "message": "Success",
    "data": {
        "userAppId": "<UNIQUE_USER_ID>",
        "countryCide": "ID"

Error Codes

See a full list of error codes on our Github.

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