Adjust language & default country code

Here is how to automatically show humanID in your user's language, and with a specific country code pre-selected

humanID is available in 26 languages (and if your language is not supported, please submit a push request with translations via our github). The 'country code' preselected can also be adjusted, and if your users come from a handful of countries, those can be shown on top of the list.

To adjust the language and 'priority countries' of the user frontend, humanID integration partners can set URL parameters. Users can also manually change the language from a dropdown.

Here is how:

Setting URL Parameters

How to select SMS message language

Change the OTP_REQUEST_MESSAGE variable of the localization function, and choose one of the variables listed on our GitHub.






Use ISO 639-1 language codes, which are available on our GitHub.

Language shown


Use ISO 3166 country codes, which can be seen on our GitHub.

Highest priority country codes.

This can also be set in the Developer Console with the Limit Country function.

Mobile SDKs

Android SDK



language: SupportedLanguage.ENGLISH_US

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