Once you hit scale - Fees

How We Calculate Fees for the humanID Authentication Service

  • We're offering humanID for free to integrate into small platforms. But we do incur cost to provide the service, and are a nonprofit with a small budget.

    For services that grow big enough (Yay🎉!) to incur significant cost on our end, we will have to ensure that the cost of delivering the service at scale will not bankrupt us, while still offering the service without generating profit, and as cheap as possible.

    For full transparency, we charge our larger clients the fees as outlined below:

    • Capitalized terms not defined below have the meanings set forth in the Service Agreement for the humanID Authentication Service.

    • For each End User who attempts to register on a platform of Customer using the Service, Customer agrees to pay to FHI an amount equal to (a) the cost of SMS actually incurred by FHI (the “SMS Cost”, see below) plus (b) US$0.01 (collectively, the “End User Fee”), which amount FHI will invoice in period periods.

    • Until further steps are taken to enable Customers to limit their monthly spent, FHI will guarantee that for any Customers, the monthly cost will not exceed $20. We cannot guarantee that this provision will be offered to future Customers, based on location and expected volume.

    We're currently using Vonage to send SMS in all countries.

    After the use any initial free trials or monthly allowances, we are charging customers the cost of sending SMS via Vonage, plus an additional $0.01 for each SMS.

    These charges are incurrent no matter if the SMS was successfully received, or has lead to a successful verification, as this is out of our control, as long as the SMS was requested via the client's implementation of humanID within their website, app, or other environment under the client's control (such as a Discord server).

    SMS cost can vary significantly based on the country code of the requesting phone number.

    For the current cost per SMS per country (before the addition of one additional cent), please see https://www.vonage.com/communications-apis/sms/pricing/

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