Discord Bot Integration Guide

The How-To Guide

Use this link to add the humanID Discord Bot to Your Server

Discord Bot

humanID’s Discord Bot offers a 100% anonymous option for Discord authentication. Protect your server from duplicate and fake accounts, data leaks/theft, and abusive users with a more secure method of authentication. humanID is a product of the nonprofit Foundation for a Human Internet. We guarantees that our Discord authentication bot is anti-spam, anti-raid, and anti-bot with no other motive than to preserve online communities. We never harvest personal data.


You should have administrative privileges on the Discord Server that's trying to integrate the Discord Bot 🚨

Integration Steps (Takes 5-10 minutes )

Option 2: Integrate using the humanID Developer Console

  1. The bot integration process can be done through either the Discord desktop application or the web application 💻

2a. Find Your Discord Server's ID

  • Why:

    • This record helps us identify the server that you manage, so we can provide authentication services accordingly.

  1. In a signed-in Discord server, click on the gear icon

  2. Scroll down to the Advanced section then turn on Developer Mode

  3. Come back to the server's main page. Above the text channel list, right-click on the server's name and select Copy ID

2b. Register with humanID and find your Credentials

  • Why:

    • Allows us to connect your server to humanID, so we are able to verify (or block) individual users for your Discord Server.

    • Verifies that you registered your server with our core authentication service, so your bot can interface with the core humanID service.

Find humanID Client ID and humanID Client Secret in the humanID Developer Console

  1. Register via the humanID Developer Console

  2. Create a new project

    1. THIS IS IMPORTANT - choose the project name as it will appear to your end users. We will ask your users to "Log into xyz" - what's xyz for you? For example, your Discord server's name could make sense.

  3. Click on Create New Credentials

  4. In this step, enter any 'Credential Name' you like, and choose 'Production' and 'Server'.

Make sure paste your Server ID from Discord into the "Server ID" text field.

Finishing the Setup in the humanID Developers Console

After creating the credentials, click on Edit Redirect URLs on the bottom-right side of the project page:

  • For 'Successful URL', paste in the following: https://verify.discord.human-id.org/verification_successful

  • For 'Failed URL', paste in:https://verify.discord.human-id.org/verification_failed

  • Don't forget to save the update.

Adding the bot to your server

  1. If you are not the owner of the server, you can ask the owner to do so, and grant you administrator privileges.

  2. Click this link: “Add the humanID Discord Bot to Your Server” . This button will take you to the Discord website. Please ensure that you are logged into the correct Discord account.

  3. Under the "Add to Server:" section, choose the Discord server that you wish the humanID Discord Bot to live in.

  4. When asked to confirm granting the humanID Discord Bot Administrator access, confirm and click on Continue.

  5. Finish any final authorization step to add the bot.

🎉Congratulations - you're ready to build a community of humans, without compromising your users' privacy or having to handle private data yourself!

Adjust the configuration of the verified Role

After adding the humanID Verification Bot to your server, the bot will create a "humanID-verified" role that users can take on. We want to give you the autonomy to configure that role to give your server members access that you feel comfortable with.

Default Permissions of the humanID-verified Role

By default, the bot will give the following permissions to the humanID-verified Role:

  • View Channels

  • Change Nickname

  • Send Messages

  • Send Messages in Threads

  • Create Public Threads

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Add Reactions

  • Use External Emoji

  • Read Message History

  • Use Application Commands

Grant access to private channels

Manually change permissions of verified users

Register with humanID using the Discord Bot

Once you have added the bot to your server with the correct permissions please follow these steps (if you are indeed the server administrator):

  1. Navigate to the #get-verified channel (should have been made for you by the bot when you installed)

  2. Use the /register command followed by your email address

  3. The bot will respond by sending your email an activation link so we can verify the email address

  4. After clicking the link you will be redirected back to discord and your server will be ready to use the /verify command!

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