Usage Guidelines


The humanID brand is built upon a foundation of trust with our users and community. The consistent representation of humanID creative assets is essential for maintaining this standard. The following guidelines are intended for partners who are integrating humanID with their application or platform.


humanID provides a series of buttons you can leverage to enable your users to log in to your application or platform.

Text Guidelines

  • The preferred text is “Anonymous Login with humanID”

  • Alternate options include, in order of preference: Anonymous Sign in with humanID, Continue with humanID

  • Never display only the icon or logo without the associated call to action

  • If web text must be utilized for the creation of a custom button, never capitalize the “h” in “humanID”s

Design Guidelines

  • Text should be centered and aligned in the button both vertically and horizontally

  • When space permits, the humanID icon should be utilized to the left of the text

  • Include a minimum of 7px padding from the icon to the edge of the button

  • The preferred button color is humanID blue: #023B60

  • The secondary preferred button color is black or white

  • The ideal font size is 17, as demonstrated in the buttons below. The font size should scale proportionally with the size of the button

  • Contrast borders should be avoided, with exception of a white button where a black border of 1px is acceptable

Sample Buttons

Examples of Proper Integration

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