How do I report a bug/issue?

If you find a bug or error with humanID apps, please submit an issue in each repository affected under the issues tab. Be as descriptive as possible: include exactly what you did to make the bug appear, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. Please include screenshots of errors and use labels to declare the type and urgency of the issue. Remember to check for similar issues already reported. If you think you've found a security issue, you can responsibly disclose it to us by email: cs@humanid-org.

How do I implement a new feature or submit a corrected code?

Please visit our Contributing page for information about implementing new features or submitting code patches.

How do I register an application?

If it is your first application, click on the "New App" tab in the menu to add an application. If you have registered an application before, on the Application Dashboard you will find the "Register New App" button. Click on that button and enter in the details of your application to register it. Once you submit the form your app will appear on the dashboard with the proper credentials to continue with integration.

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