Account Recovery Option Integration Guide

Account Recovery Option (ARO)
Note: The ARO happens entirely on humanID’s end and does not send any different data than our login method.
humanID’s optional ARO allows your users to recover their accounts. By selecting the ARO on the login page, users can set up recovery of their accounts by providing an email address. Just like users’ phone numbers, humanID will not save the email addresses, but treat them like passwords. Users need to prove knowledge of and access to the email to restore their accounts.
The recovery option is only available if integration partners are opting in, and users can choose to skip it.
Developers can enable the ARO by integrating humanID as a login method and enabling the ARO in the humanID developer console (as of now, please contact [email protected] to have the recovery option enabled from the backend).


  • Product, project, website, or application requiring a login (must utilize iOS, Android, Web, Golang, React Native, or Flutter SDK).
  • humanID Developers account
  • humanID Server Credentials. Server Credentials consist of
    • Server Client ID
    • Server Client Secret

Usage Guidelines / GitHub

Refer to Usage Guidelines for text and design guidelines.
Refer to GitHub for hID’s repositories.

Creating your humanID Developer Account

  • Click “Create Account” and then log in.

Integrating humanID’s ARO

You must integrate humanID as a login. Choose your guide (below) based on your SDK.

Test the ARO

If you would like to sample the login or the account recovery option, click the hyperlink. Or copy and paste this into your browser: